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Varenna V730

The Sete Cidades summit on Sao Miguel Island, Portugal, offers breathtaking views of a volcanic basin filled with vibrant green waters. Despite its turbulent past, the valley now exudes a peaceful atmosphere with its rugged craters and sharp hills. One lookout spot, “Grota Do Inferno,” translates to “Hell’s Grotto,” adding a touch of intrigue. Varenna captures the valley’s serene ambiance with its winding pattern, replicating the paths that lead down into the basin and beyond. The pattern varies in thickness, mimicking the clarity of the tracks as they disappear into the distance, blending with the sunset’s golden hues. Varenna’s design echoes the Sete Cidades’ tranquility, leaving you in awe of nature’s beauty.


Luminous white background with delicate grey veining.

2cm, 3cm




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