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Sereno Gold V722

Sereno Gold invites you to experience the purity of a sunrise over the Dolomite region in South Tyrol. Pink clouds loom on the horizon, creating a serene backdrop for the rugged, majestic mountains and sprawling meadows. The mountains’ intricate folds and craggy surface tell the story of time passed, while a tranquil grey recalls the peaks’ steadfast poise and grandeur. Natural taupe and smokey-grey veins depict the dance of clouds on towering tips, mimicking the movement of rain from the zenith. These veins flow across a misty white base, creating patterns of shadow and dimension that are both intricate and awe-inspiring. Immerse yourself in the innocence of the sunrise and witness the beauty of nature’s wonders with Sereno Gold.


Tranquil grey and white background with delicate taupe and grey veining.

2cm, 3cm

Grey, White

Grey, Taupe


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