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Sereno Bianco V714

Sereno Bianco captures the essence of Socotra island’s dragon trees, with its misty white base and subtle grey veining. The spikey crowns of tangled branches that paint the landscape in a playful display of life and movement are perfectly juxtaposed with the diffused natural shade of the rolling hills. The elaborate swirls of dense grey veining in Sereno Bianco reflect the complex bursts and stretches of the trees they were inspired by, reaching towards the life-giving misty sky. The interplay of natural shade against white and grey creates a sense of resilience and imagination, evoking the timeless story of these curious trees sprouting like upside-down roots against the arid ground and stretching skyline.


Tranquil grey and white background with delicate grey veining.

2cm, 3cm

Grey, White



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