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Sand Weaver V745

The coastline of Bazaruto Archipelago is a sight to behold, with a rush of surf surging across the golden sands in a timeless dance. As the tide ebbs, it leaves behind a patchwork of footprints, soft and blurred or powerful and deep, depending on the mood of the sea. Sand Weaver, inspired by these waves, features a stark white base with flowing veins that whisper of golden moments and ripples of cool, fresh waves. This juxtaposition creates a minimalistic aesthetic that blends the elements and serves as a blank canvas for adventurous interior designs. Sand Weaver’s gentle and flowing veins, coupled with its clean and uncluttered base, provide a sense of openness, space, and light to any room.


Marble-inspired quartz, featuring a bright white background with flowing gold veining.

2cm, 3cm

Ebbs and Flows


Bright White





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